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Your website is a marketing channel.

The most important aspect of any marketing program is its ROI (Return on Investment). It doesn't matter if we're talking television commercials, radio spots, newspaper ads, coupons, billboards or websites. The biggest advantage of online marketing is you can track where your customers are coming from, which ad they clicked on, which pages they looked at, what they bought and how much that sales cost you - your conversion cost. It's almost impossible to track offline marketing from source to sale.

You have potential customers in virtually every business in the country.
It would be impossible to create a direct marketing campaign to reach all those diverse buyers. With the Internet, you can be found by people looking for your products when they are ready to buy. You need to carefully plan how you intend to market your website, what type of advertising provides the best return on effort and ad dollars and most importantly how you are going to review and analyze the results being achieved.

Find the right mix.
Not all Internet marketing is right for every website. We've put together a mix of proven online marketing and highly encourage you try them all.

Never, never, never start a marketing program until you have visitor tracking installed on your website. If you can't track your visitors, then you don't know where they came from and you don't know if your advertising dollars are working. Fortunately, Google Analytics is a FREE visitor tracking program. Nucom has an add-on that installs the code properly on your website. All you have to do is add your Google Analytics ID to the Main Settings of your website.

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  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing
    It is easier and cheaper to sell to a past customer than to convince a new customer to buy. Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch. Since you're marketing to people who already know and trust your products, the response rate and conversion rate is higher for email marketing than any other type of online promotion.