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Merchant Services

Accept all major credit cards with a Prolific Business Solutions Merchant Account.

Prolific Business Solutions, along with its affiliated companies, is one of the industry's largest credit card processing companies, with more than $500 billion in annual credit and debit card sales. With this level of volume, we can ensure our merchants the most competitive pricing available.

  • Guaranteed lowest rates in the industry
  • Quick and simple merchant account setup
  • Easy install or transfer of existing equipment
  • Free 24-hour customer support
  • No hidden monthly or annual fees
  • No setup or application fees

The $500 Prolific Challenge

Prolific services all types of businesses -whether brick and mortar, online, catalog or all three - that  need payment processing that is fast, secure and reliable. Already have another provider? Email or fax us your most recent credit card statement, and Prolific guarantees to save you money – or you receive a check for $250.

Prolific Business Solutions offers you the products and services you need to maximize your bottom line. It has earned one of the best reputations in the payment processing industry, which has resulted in the continual service of thousands of merchants on a national basis. Prolific Business Solutions offers:

  • Credit/Debit Card Processing: Prolific Business  Solutions supports all major payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner’s Club and Voyager Fleet Club.
  • Check Processing & Verification:  Processing checks is simple, fast and efficient through the multiple check programs offered by Prolific. These programs help reduce the cost of accepting checks as well as minimizing the risks involved.
  • Get Paid Quickly and Easily: Your credit card transaction payments can be directly deposited into your specified bank account within 24-48 hours, unlike many of our competitors who hold your funds up to 10 days.
  • Virtual Terminal Setup: Begin accepting credit/debit card and check purchases in person or over the phone without the need for additional hardware. You simply log on to the secure virtual terminal site and begin accepting payments.
  • Point of Sale Integration: Take advantage of the lowest rates in the industry with the quick and easy integration of Prolific Business Solutions with your current POS system.  
  • Hardware Purchase and Rental: Prolific Business Solutions can provide you with wireless terminals, pin pads, terminals, PC processing software and check readers. 



Prerequisites Checklist

Before Prolific, or any Merchant Services Provider, approves your application, you'll have to show the following:

  1. Website active and DBA on application present
    If the website is still under construction, please provide access to a test link, or take screen shots of the necessary pages and email them to
  2. Customer Service number or email listed
    “Contact Us” link must have actual information to contact the business. A form to fill out and click “submit” is not an acceptable contact reference.
  3. Return/Refund policy present
    Whether or not an actual “product” is being disbursed, a brief description must be provided regarding refunds/returns. Even if there is a “no refund policy,” this must be stated.
  4. Merchant’s Privacy Statement is included
    The customers will be providing personal and private information when they place their order, such as address, contact information and credit card information. Please provide an explanation on your intent to retain this and/or disburse the personal information to a third party company, for example.
  5. Website Secure Order Page
    A SSL certificate may usually be purchased from your gateway provider or web developer. This will be apparent on your site when going to a “secure order page” by looking for a small lock or indication you’ve entered a secure area in the address bar of your browser.
  6. The Merchant Certificate
    This is not an actual document. This requirement is simply verifying the account we’ve set up for you is directly related to the website we are providing the gateway and processor information to be used specifically for this purpose.
  7. Products/Services listed with price
    Inventory must be clearly displayed with prices available. If selling an intangible item, please specify how many of the item (i.e. tickets to an event or a membership), describe how this can be obtained or how it will be delivered.
  8. Delivery Method and Timing are clearly stated
    Provide a description of shipping or delivery methods and the amount of time it may take to prepare the order before shipment.


Pricing and Features

  Merchant Account Fees*  
  Setup Fee $0.00
  Monthly Service/Statement Fee $9.95
  Transaction Fee $0.19
  Visa/MasterCard Qualified Discount Rate* 2.29%
  Monthly Processing Minimum Fee** $25.00

* Other providers may have higher rates.
** Monthly fee is waived if transaction minimums are met.

Download and fill out the PDF application. Fax it back to 877-881-6837. If you have any questions about the application, you can give us a call.

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