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Upgrade CFWebstore Version 4.x to Version 6.x

Upgrade CFWebstore Version 4.x to Version 6.x

Product #: UPGRADE-CF4.x-CF6.x

We have put together a process for an average conversion with a clean DB and minimal custom code.

  1. Begin by setting up a fresh new copy of CFWebstore Version 6.x
  2. Convert a copy of your database into the version 6 database
  3. Run a set of migration scripts on the 6.x website
  4. Move all the custom code - layouts, images, etc
  5. Update any custom coded pages from older version
  6. Test, test, test

Website Evaluation

Every store has some custom code, even if it's just the logo on the default layout template. Your code will be evaluated before the update. Extensive custom code will require more time to convert and thus cost more. We'll discuss any additional costs with you before any work begins. Every website will be evaluated before your credit card is charged.

Upgrade License

You'll need to provide your license number or previous order number to verify that you're eligible for the upgrade. If you can't find either, we'll try to verify from your contact information. Once your order is approved, you will receive a license by email. Please allow up to 24 hours for order processing.