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Upgrade CFWebstore Version 6.x to Version 6.50

Upgrade CFWebstore Version 6.x to Version 6.50

Product #: UPGRADE-CF6.x-CF6.50

Every single page of CFWebstore has changed. It's easier to simple start with CFWebstore 6.50 and add back in your layouts, images and CSS from the earlier version. This is not something you want to do on a live website. You'll either need to put up a tempory 'out-of-order' page while you do the work or create a second site to make the changes and then upload the changes. 

Our process:

  1. Begin by setting up a fresh new copy of CFWebstore Version 6.5 on our web server
  2. Run the updates to the existing database (most are payment and UPS updates)
  3. Add in the existing layouts, images and css
  4. Access and transfer any custom code
  5. Test the new site and make sure everything is working
  6. Upload the new code to the existing hosting account

Website Evaluation

Every store has some custom code, even if it's just the logo on the default layout template. Your code will be evaluated before the update. Extensive custom code will require more time to convert and thus cost more. We'll discuss costs with you before any work begins. Every website will be evaluated before your credit card is charged.

A basic update will take 2-3 hours.