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About Us

"You concentrate on your business, we'll handle your website."

Nucom Web Hosting was set up by web developers who were frustrated with the lack of service and support given by conventional hosting companies. Most companies take a very hands-off approach. They give you space, collect their monthly fee and hope to never talk to you again.

We're very hands-on. We're used to taking a client from scratch and doing everything they need - installation, design, custom programming, Merchant Services, SSL and  SEO. We never tell anyone to do it themselves - that's our job.

We've been using CFWebstore for years, almost exclusively for eCommerce stores and for smaller websites. The CMS makes setting up a website very easy. We can't compete with the large hosting companies on price but we can beat them on service every time.

As our client base grows we plan to offer more and more modules to extend CFWebstores. As developers, we've built custom features for clients - everything from payment gateways to picture galleries to blogs. With a little work we can offer these features to eveyone just by adding the code. Instead of just offering the code with instructions on how to install it, we'll include installation as part of the price. We want to keep it simple.

We have designed a comprehensive range of hosting services that allow clients to scale as required. We take the approach that "We grow as your business grows."


What does 'Nucom' mean?

The Internet has revolutionized not only our economy but our entire society. When we first started as web developers we tried to do everything online - from paying bills to booking flights. We wanted to participate in the "new economy." Nucom is a loose contraction of "new economy."