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Stop worrying about your website.

28% of ALL websites are Wordpress websites. That makes you a huge target to hackers. They use bots to scan millions of WP sites for vulnerabilities. WP Engine uses it xxx to block those attaches. They literally guarantee that you WP site won't be hacked. Does your current host guarantee that?

Nucom Web Hosting has partnered with WP Engine, the premier Wordpress Hosting company in the industry.

Why use Nucom Web Hosting? Can't I just sign up my own account?
Yes, you can sign up your own account, here's the link - Nucom offers it plans for only $30 a month. Why are we cheaper? We buy in bulk. We have our dedicated servers at WP Engine so we can offer an account cheaper than the individual accounts. Because of our size we also have a dedicated support specialist. If there's a technical issue with your website we can get someone on the phone immediately and get it taken care of.

WP Engine doesn't offer email, what should I do?
Nucom offers email -

How do I transfer my existing WP site?
WP Engine has developed a plugin that allows you to transfer your Wordpress site from your current host to WP Engine with the push of a button. If you give us access to your WP admin we can transfer your site for you.

I've been hacked and my current hosting company won't help.
We can transfer your website to WP Engine's staging area. There they will clean your site, examine your plugins, and plug any security holes. Your site then goes straight to the production servers. That's how confident WP Engine is with their technology and that's how much trust we have to allow a previously hacked site onto our dedicated servers. 



Up to 3 gigs of storage - This is way more than most websites need. If you have a ton of images, videos, or PDFs we can actually hook  

Backups - Backups for up to 60 days but the customer can only access the backup for up to 30 days in the User Portal.  Each backup contains a database dump of your site.  Our hosting provider has seperate servers to store the backups so if something goes wrong with the server, the backups are still safe.   You can always download a zip file of the backup if you want to store locally for longer.

Free SSL - Google has started downgrading websites that aren't secure. So even if aren't an eCommerce site and you don't collect user information, you still need an SSL.