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CFWebstore is very easy-to-use but when you first look at the admin it can be a bit overwhelming. More options means more choices and making the right choice when you're setting up your store can save you a lot of work later on. Once the initial setup is done you'll only use about 10% of the admin on a regular basis.

Store Overview
You've just setup your new store and you're looking at the Admin for the first time. Which settings should I change? How do I enter products? How do I process orders? Our trainer will spend time with you on the phone going step-by-step through each tab and each form explaining what to fill out and why. A 1-2 hour phone call will take you every screen. 

Initial Setup
We can help you make the best choices when setting up your store. Instead of running through layout screens trying to decide which color to use, let our trainer listen to what you want and implement the changes for you. These are usually one-time decisions so don't really need to learn all the option. Our trainer can ask you critical questions and then do the setup for you.

How do I register for UPS? How do I setup my credit cards? We can walk you through the process or do it for you.

Continuing Education
Did you hire a new employee to process orders and don't have time to train them? Let us train your new employee and get them off on the right foot. 

Been working with CFWebstore for awhile and wish you could change one little thing? Give us a call. Your change may only take a few minutes of custom programming to do or we may have a suggestion on how to do it through the existing code. It never hurts to ask. 

Half price training

We can't stress enough how important it is to have a better understanding of your new store. We feel it's so important that we're offereing phone training for half price - $50 an hour. 

When you purchase your training time, our trainer will spend time with you on the phone with you at your computer going step-by-step through the basics and cover any questions you may have. Why not hit the ground running with your new storefront!

Start a support ticket and let us know what you need.