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Upgrading your CFWebstore

CFWebstore took a major jump in features and security from version 5 to version 6. The update requires you to update the database structure and almost every page on the website. When we upgrade, we duplicate your website, upgrade the copy and then replace your original website. This keeps your website online and generating income. We can even give you access to the upgrade before it goes public if you want to verify the upgrade or make changes.

Why Upgrade?

If your website is running just fine and you don't need the new features, why should I upgrade? There's really two reasons. The first is security. In the summer of 2009, hackers found a vulnerability in a piece of code that was secure when it was introduced on CFWebstore 5. Version 6 had already identified the weakness and used newer, more secure code. As a result, the exploit worked on thousands of version 5 sites while version 6 stayed secure and online.

Two, just because your store has remained the same, that doesn't mean others haven't changed. Most credit card processors upgrade their code every couple of years. Someday you might get an email notifying you that your website will stop working in 30 days unless you upgrade your version of gateway software. By migrating to the latest version and applying updates, you'll be ahead of the curve.

Custom Code

Every store has some custom code, even if it's just the logo on the default layout template. Your code will be evaluated before the update. Extensive custom code will require more time to convert and thus cost more. We'll discuss any additional costs with you before any work begins. Every website will be evaluated before your credit card is charged.

Exclusions List: Please provide us with a list of templates with custom code. If you don't know the templates, describe the feature, give us the URL and generally how it works. This will greatly expedite the upgrade process.


What version do I have?

When you open the Admin of your store, you'll see a section called 'CFWebstore Updates'. You will see the line 'Your Current Version: x.xx' telling you your version. If you don't see this line then you have a version 4 or 5 store.