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Nucom is not your typical hosting company. Most hosting companies try to impress you with how many features they have, how many languages they support and how easy it is to set up an account. We're going to impress you with everything we don't do.

We don't do ASP, JSP, PHP or any language besides ColdFusion. In fact, we don't even do general ColdFusion hosting. Why? Because there's always a chance that the code on someone else's website will bring down the server or infect your website. We know CFWebstore, what services it requires and how it operates on the server. We can turn off a lot of stuff on the server because we know CFWebstore doesn't use it. Otherwise, it's just one more way for a hacker to get into the server.

Still Developer-Friendly
CFWebstore is built for developers and Nucom Web Hosting was created by developers. We don't put limits on your webstore, we simply ensure a safe place to operate. Find out more About Us »


Need help moving?

We can help you move your webstore from your current host. Send us the DNS, FTP and SQL logins and we'll transfer the site for you and make sure it's running right.

No Access Databases
Lots of people use Access databases because they're cheap and easy to work with. We don't allow them because they're slow, suck a lot of server resources and are actually harder to update on a live site. We can upgrade your database to a MS SQL database so you can take advantage of the speed of the MSSQL 2005 server.



We've teamed up with Edge Web Hosting, the number one recommeded provider by Adobe Corporation. We use their Baltimore, Maryland datacenter to provide fast hosting and consistent uptime.


VPN - We've added a second layer of security to prevent intrusion. By using a VPN (virtual private network), it's almost impossible for a hacker to spoof a RDC or FTP login. It's an extra step for developers who have to log in but most people update their websites through their websites. Only when you're making design changes do you use FTP.

Application firewall - Our application firewall looks at every URL and form submission for suspicious code. This is the main avenue for code and SQL injection attacks.

Security practices - A regular shared webserver runs all sorts of code - ASP, JSP, PHP and ColdFusion application. An attack on any of those websites could bring down the server. We only do ColdFusion and only CFWebstore.

PCI compliant - Banks are now looking at the websites of their clients to make sure credit card numbers are properly secured and transmitted. Our servers have been tested - and passed - PCI compliance tests. There may be reasons an individual website may fail but stock installation of CFWebstore 6.43 and above should be PCI compliant right from the start.


We provide PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant hosting, creating a secure and protected environment for clients who process credit cards. PCI compliance sets forth requirements for any company that processes, stores and transmits credit card information to ensure a secure, isolated hosting environment is maintained at all times.
In compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, ours servers have been independently audited and certified as a SAS 70 Type II hosting provider. By achieving SAS 70 Type 2 compliance, Edge has demonstrated that effective control objectives, and control activities are in place throughout the organization.
Our standard shared hosting is not HIPAA compliant but we can provide you with a compliant environment for you website. We've worked through the rules which makes achieving and maintaining HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance easier. HIPAA is a nationally recognized act that regulates the use and disclosure of patients’ health care information.



CFWebstore Hosting

Hard Disk Storage 3 GB
Monthly Transfer 50 GB
Email Accounts 10
Email Aliases Unlimited
What's Installed
Smartermail check
FTP Access check
ColdFusion 9 check
MS SQL Server 2008 check
MySQL 5 check
Windows 2008 check
dotDefender check
VPN check
Nightly Backups check
What's Not Installed
Restricted CF Tags check
FrontPage Extensions check
ASP.NET 3.5 check
Access Database Support check
Perl, CGI check
Dedicated IP $5/mo
One Time Setup Fee $75.00 FREE
Monthly Fee $45.00


  • CFWebstore Hosting

    Product ID: CFWeb6.x
    • Windows 2008 Server
    • Coldfusion CF9
    • MSSQL or MySQL database
    • SmarterMail email
  • New CFWebstore Setup

    Product ID: CFW-BASEPACK

    Start selling fast. We'll take care of everything you need to start selling online. Package includes:

    • CFWebstore License
    • CFWebstore setup & configuration
    • Database setup
    • DNS setup
    • Standard SSL Certificate
    • First month hosting
    • Static IP address
  • CFWebstore Business Budget Package

    Product ID: CFW-BASEPACK
    Instead of paying up front, pay the same amount every month. This package is the same as the New CFWebstore Setup Package but you can stretch your setup costs out over a year. It makes it easier to get started and easier to plan your expenses. It's $100 a month for the first year and $50 a month after that. We do require a 1 year contract.