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Payment Gateway

Your Payment Gateway creates a secure bridge between your online store and your merchant services provider.

Online payments are processed through a third party provider called a Payment Gateway. It handles the encrypted customer data from the website, authenticates the credit card and then transfers the money from the card holder to your merchant account. CFWebstore will work with a number of Payment Gateways including, EZIC, Skipjack, Verisign Payflow Pro, Linkpoint, SkyPay, Shift4, USA ePay and PayPal Pro.

Nucom Web Hosting recommends Authorize.Net.
We've worked with Authorize.Net for years and use it with 99% of our eCommerce clients. The gateway is already integrated with CFWebstore, it has a lot of features to work with customer information and transactions, its online interface is easy to use and the few times we had to call customer support, they handled the issues quickly.

  • Accept a Variety of Payments – All major credit cards (including debit cards)
  • Manage Your Transactions –Full-featured Merchant Interface to monitor and control payments through your website.
  • Prevent Fraud – Identify suspicious transactions with our value-adding products and built-in fraud tools.
  • Risk Management – Sensitive data is stored in the Authorize.Net PCI-compliant datacenter, never on your computer.
  • Receive Payments Quickly – Your funds are automatically deposited into your merchant bank account within days.
  • Free Help – Authorize.Net provides live technical and account support to merchants, as well as access to online documentation and user guides.

PCI Compliant
Authorize.Net takes seriously and prides itself on its continual efforts to maintain compliance with the payments industry’s highest security standards and programs. With Authorize.Net, you can rest easy that your payment information is safe.

Trust Symbol
Add the free Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal to your website to help build consumer confidence.


Merchant Services Provider
Once you have your SSL and Payment Gateway you'll still need a Merchant Services Provider to process credit card transactions through your CFWebstore. Our preferred merchant services provider is Prolific Payment Solutions.
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Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, managing the submission of payment transactions to the processing networks on behalf of merchant customers.

Authorize.Net provides merchants the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. Authorize.Net manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, Authorize.Net uses the Internet instead of a phone line.

Authorize.Net enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card and electronic check transactions via websites, retail stores, mail order/telephone order (MOTO) call centers and mobile devices.

  • Reputation You Can Trust – More than 248,000 merchants trust Authorize.Net to manage their payment transactions securely and reliably.
  • Free Customer Support – Via toll-free telephone, email and online chat. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific time (closed major holidays).
  • Business Partnerships – We are dedicated to providing products and value-adding services and tools that help merchants minimize risk, reduce costs and increase revenue.
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Pricing and Features

  Payment Gateway and Fees  
  Setup Fee $99.00
  Monthly Gateway $17.95
  Per Transaction $0.10
  Standard Features  
  Payment Methods
  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Signature Debit Cards
  Virtual Terminal FREE
  Batch Upload FREE
  Merchant Interface
  • Transaction Review and Management
  • Online Reports and Statements
  • Account Configuration
  Processor Connections FREE
  Customer Support
  • Phone, Email, and Live Chat
  Fraud Prevention and Security
  • Address Verification Service (AVS)
  • Card Code Verification (CCV)
  Connection Methods FREE
  Value-Adding Products  
  Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)  
  • Setup Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS)  
  • Setup Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  Customer Information Manager (CIM)  
  • Setup Fee
  • Monthly Fee

NOTE: These fees are for your Payment Gateway only. You still need to include your Merchant Services fees. Look below for the fees for Prolific Payment Services.

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